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Gage Outdoor Expeditions

Gage Outdoor Expeditions
Ben Holbrook


Contact Info:
Phone: (800) 888-1601


Argentina Dove Hunt

Argentina dove hunting on edge of the Pampas in the foothills of Entre Rios or the arid region of Santiago del Estero, continues to provide the best dove & pigeon hunting in the world. The region's ideal climate consistently yields an abundance of grains — corn, milo, sorghum and wheat — and tremendous bird populations. Current estimates put the population at over 20 million birds, allowing for exceptional hunting, available year round.

Rios Dove Hunting Special

Entre Rios is one of the most famous high volume dove hunting regions in the world. We have been entertaining groups in this region for over 20 years and run one of the most spacious and elaborate estancias in the region.

Argentina Dove Hunting Rates:

  • 3 Day All inclusive Package Rates = $2,870 per hunter
  • 3 Day Basic Package rates = $1,250 per hunter