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Everglades Adventures

Everglades Adventures
Capitan Mark Clemons
28965 Obern Road
Clewiston, FL 33440

Contact Info:
Office: (863) 983-8999
Cell: (239) 564-0342


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These areas are managed for waterfowl. We have Japanese Millet, Chufas, Rice and Mud Plantains as well as Smartweed and Walter's Millet planted in these areas (pictured to the upper right) which we flood during the duck season. Hydrilla and Coontail are utilized for aquatics in the deeper water areas. The areas have their own water control structures and pumps for water control. We have a hunter minimum of two persons and can arrange hunts for groups as large as twenty-four persons. Our hunts are out of pre-existing blinds over decoys. We have dozens of blinds located in excellent areas which we rotate the shooting pressure. Our goal is not to shoot a blind more than once per-week.